Paper's for wimps. Wanna play?

-Toby Zigler

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Crazy as a Mule...

I'm a college student currently majoring in ...something, and hoping to teach at the high school level. This summer I'm working at a waterpark. I used to work at a barn, and still love my mount to death.
About my journal

I have another journal on LJ, but that is mostly for talk about my four footed friends. I wanted a journal to put frivolous stuff. So far I have mostly found communities relating to the three fandoms that would say I ascribe to: West Wing, X files, Firefly. That chronologically the way I discovered them and still my preference. I don't watch much TV, but the shows I enjoy I am very loyal too. That all three of these shows are no longer on the air pains me greatly, but that's life.I will occasionally dabble in FanFiction writing, probably more for Firefly than the other two. There is just more to do, with West wing being pretty much completely wrapped up, and X files having a pending movie.

TV shows are not what I want this Journal to be about, however. I would much prefer it be about culture, current events, and literature. I fancy myself an artist; I love to write, I do a lot of art photography, and I sell photos on macro-stock sites for a bit of extra cash, I also will occasionally dabble in traditional art. I thoroughly enjoy theatre, having devoted much of my youth to children's drama organizations and nationally recognized high school theatre programs. I recently moved close enough to NYC to see Broadway shows on a somewhat regular basis so reviews might become a good portion of this journal. These things are all par for the course if you choose to watch this journal. I am a college English major currently, looking to get my teaching CERT and be a high school English teacher in small town America. I grew up in a tiny town and cant wait to get back.

I would love to have some journals on here to read, of people who are interested in good literature, good television, and good movies. College kids who want to complain, gripe, and moan talk about the beauty of college life, that project that they just remembered was due, or anything else related to college. Or really just people who want to have their journals read and be commented upon. This is an open journal (a first for me) so feel free to stop in and start up a conversation. Tell me I'm horribly wrong, on-the-money-right, or some where in-between. As long as the conversation is good, that's all I ask.

for credit, my journal layout and the profile layout have a link at the bottom of this box. my mood theme is created by upsa_daisy.
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Feel free to leave me a comment. This journal is (mostly) open to the public. Feel free to drop in and leave some thoughts.

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