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Notice: This journal is now dead. I will not be deleting it for record keeping reasons- however there will be no new post here, or in any communities that I have belonged to. If any of you would like to get my e-mail or AIM and don't already have it feel free to message me, however there might be some delay as I will no longer be checking this journal.

My reasons are my own, I hope you all are successful in your endeavors. I hope there are no hard feelings.

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Obi on the bit

If you can see this post you're on the Obi filter!

Welcome all my new horsie friends from Equestrian! Most of you I threw into just the Obi filter. If you are interested in the rest of my life(even though it's pretty boring) just let me know and I'll put you in both.

Today while trying to do something completely unrelated (attempting to make a new Deviantart account, specifically for equine photography-and one I'll actually update) I decided to try and contact Obs' first owner, the one that got him right off the range. It took a while, but I tracked him down via the mustang title I have and I found out that he passed away two years ago. He was 94. When he got Obi he was 89 years old, quite an age to be purchasing mustang babies. It's a shame because I lack the information to find his family and anyone who might have known obs when he was a baby. I would have loved to have picked his brain about why Obi is the way he is now, and if he was always such a nervous guy- or if that is something that some one did to him.

It's been close to a year since I got him, and now he's comfortable enough with me I could do just about anything with him; touch him everywhere, put strange objects on his back, clip, tie, load, the whole shabang. But other people besides my trainer and my room mate are still subject to the googly eye once in a while. He's got a myriad of scars, from what looks like a nasty wire cut on the inside of his rear right leg to barbed wire and other smaller scars over the rest of his body.It's possible much of his past will be a mystery till the day he dies.

Later today my trainer is doing a training ride on him, and I'm going to watch- then I'll be gone for a week and a half, so this is the last one I'll get to see for a while. Since I've watched all their rides up until now it will be strange to come back and see the progress she made while I was gone.

On the subject of the DA account- I was trying to use his Freeze mark number or signalment key in making my new name. The best I came up with is "tripleA-DEO" which is the last part of his signalment. But...none of them are pleasing ascetically. I'd be open to suggestions on a new photography name. My own name is not a possibility due to some issues I've had with stalkers recently- but I'm open to other suggestions. Got the name, I'll update when I've got more to tell
Obi on the bit

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Reasons why obi is awesome: (in bullet point form)

*on his first training ride with my trainer, he worked hard, then got done and had to have his feet trimmed by a new farrier, a new MAN, and he generally doesn't trust men as easily. He was a champ.

* 4th of july fireworks- shot off about 20,000 yards from the barn. We watched from the barn, and afterwards we went down there and he was calmly munching some hay. Not at all upset.

* Today he had his second training ride and not only remembered his last lesson, but improved, and even managed to stay on the bit, with a relaxed raised back at a canter.

* then he was a halter horse to help out my trainer's horse photography course. He took conformation shots, hopefully soon I'll have some to post. But...under the cut, a picture of us...and one of him and my trainer.

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EDIT: Where do you guys find good LJ layouts. the community I used to watch has been inactive for a while, and I need a new layout I think. found one! rotating pony pictures!
Toby eye roll

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Ok...I've seen a few episodes of NCIS and it is an alright show. But...why oh why is the TV industry too stupid to keep up with very basic international going ons. In this episode "blowback" (thanks tv guide list from comcast!) they keep talking about Zaire. The country. AKA the DRC, aka the Democratic Republic of Congo. It stopped being Zaire in 1997. 10 freaking years before this show aired.


How hard is it to read a wikipedia entry and figure that out?
Obi on the bit

So you can leave a message or if you really need me, you can shout into the machine, and Ill wake up

Okay. Tomorrow is the test of how much Obi loves me. We are going trail ride, a trailer out trail ride, with two other fairly high strung horses. Wish me well. This will be the first time he's trailered off the property in 9 months. We've walked off a bunch of times, but this will be a first. I'm excited. And I'll get to ride in my western saddle for the first time in months. It will be nice to get some squish under my butt again.

I know this would not be a big deal for most horses/riders. I used to trailer out all the time with Ky, but with Obs...He's a different story. He's gotten to be such a good boy at home, we'll see how he does in a new place.